IDEAL collaboration

The IDEAL network is national collaboration of cohorts and university-based institutions active in the field of personalized medicine.

Project team

Project investigator

Michael Koller

Swiss Transplant Cohort Study

Project manager

Joana Borrego Pinto


IT developer

Yiqing Zhu


IT developer

Andi Zuberi


Project consortium

Constantin Sluka

Swiss clinical trial organization

David Spoerl

Swiss SLE Cohort Study

Adrian Spörri

Medical Registries and Data Linkage

Almut Scherer

Swiss Clinical Quality Management in Rheumatic Diseases

Camillo Ribi

Swiss SLE Cohort Studyy

Alexander Leichtle

Clinical data warehouse

Katharina Kusejko

Swiss HIV Cohort Study

Huldrych Günthard

Swiss HIV Cohort Study

IT advisory board

Thierry Sengstag

sciCORE, University of Basel

Bram Stieltjes

University Hospital Basel


Project manager

Alexandra Scherrer

Swiss Transplant Cohort Study

IT developer

Andreas Triantafyllos

student ETH Zürich