Does IDEAL follow the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)?

Data protection is the most important requirement in the IDEAL project. The technical infrastructure with its decentralized structure is secure. All patient identifying information is stored within the system of the treating health care provider. No identifying information is stored outside the hospitals. IDEAL closely collaborates with the data protection officer from Basel Stadt to ensure that legal requirements are fulfilled.


What is the timeline of the IDEAL project?

The introduction of IDEAL shall be carried out in 3 phases. Phase 1 “Proof of concept” is to set up the system of IDEAL clients and proof its operation at University hospitals and test it in the context of 4 large national cohort studies. Phase 2 comprises the “Full pilot” including the NIDC and Phase 3 is the “National operation”. The expected project duration is three years. The projects started in January 2021.


How can I collaborate?

All research groups dealing with health-related personal data are welcome to participate with IDEAL. Do not hesitate to contact the IDEAL team.